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Do you have an IT project that you can't get setup or simply don't have the the to tinker with it?

Perhaps you have a website that needs Search Engine Optimization or you want to rank higher in local SEO.

Maybe you have a server that needs to be upgraded or files that need to be recovered.

Do you have Excel code that needs to be modified?

Slow computer? Maybe it needs to be cleaned or upgraded.

Downs Consulting can help with "All Things Computer". Don't see the service you need, email or call. Chances are we can help.



Downs Consulting Services can help your company solve your IT issues without a full-time IT employee.


Don't see your project listed? Chances are Downs Consulting can help.


Get Started on That IT Project Today!

Free walk through of your company or remote/drop-off computer analysis.

Downs Consulting will evaluate your project for free, Email or call today..


Get Your Project Started Today - Downs Consulting Can Help

Grow your web presence with SEO. We can improve your chances of coming up naturally on Google and other search engines.

Improve your Local SEO. Local SEO is driven primarily by citations like Google Place. Your Name, Address & Phone Number (NAP) should be consistent throughout your website & citations.

Downs Consulting Services has helped many companies competitive in Google rankings.

Is your Windows operating system, application or browser not supported? If your Windows operating system, Microsoft Office or browser no longer gets support they should be replaced.

It is a major security risk running an outdated Windows operating system, application or browser. These machines may be entry points for attacker. We recommend upgrading to Windows 7 or Windows 10.

Downs Consulting Services has upgraded numerous Operating Systems, applications and computers. We move your files to the new/upgraded machine if the disk is readable.

Slow network? Network overtaxed? Need a network re-design? Need a network component replaced? patch panel, switch or router?

Have issues with your network? Can't connect? Can't Print?

See our blog for multiple network issues.

Downs Consulting Services has helped companies redesign and repair their networks.

Downs Consulting Services takes the worry out of setting up computers, removing malware, and keeping them running.

Malware dragging your system down to a crawl? DCS can have you back up and running like new.

In some cases, it's best to wipe the machine & re-install. DCS can help you retrieve your important data before proceeding.

Need a database application on the web? We specialize in SQL, MySQL, Access,.

Combined with SSL this is a secure method of passing sensitive information over the web.

Original programmer no longer available? Spreadsheet macro no longer supported?


Downs Consulting will review your application for free.

Downs Consulting Services specializes in VB.NET, C#, php, VBA.

Get your project customized without a full time programmer.


The best technology available in a cost-effective package

Customized Software Setup

Here?s an example of?Mantis Help Desk?we setup.

The software is free but the setup can be intimidating.?

Remove Malware

The 1st step on discovering an infected machine is to isolate it from your network.

That means unplugging network cables and/or disabling Wi-Fi.


Downs Consulting Services will help you setup SSL & secure webpages or email.

Email: Connecting from a public ip can get your email blocked.

Upgrade Office

There are several options for upgrading from Office .

Passwords - Secure Your Data

In today's world we need to consider stronger unique passwords.

We advise our clients to change all their passwords regularly and use strong unique passwords for each site..

Converting to HTML5 with Dreamweaver

HTML 5 has a lot of nifty features like simplified tags for character set, scripts & document type.

Converting to HTML 5 will help users and search engines alike parse your website..

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