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Most of Downs Consulting Services’ (DCS) customers buy block hours or put cash on the books. This keeps us from invoicing for each individual service so we offer our discounted block rates.


Block Hours

Non-Block Hours


 $    35.00 $38.50


 $    45.00 $49.50


 $    35.00 $38.50

Hourly Rates


The tax rate is 8.25% but Data Processing (e.g., websites) exempts 20%.
Reimbursements & some services are non-taxable.

Block rates are 10% lower than invoiced rates!

PayPal Add to Cart

Save money by purchasing block hours.
You are credited the net amount that PayPal puts in our account.

Example: 10 hours of website work

Suppose we project 10 hours of web work. You have 2 options :

  1. Deposit $350 by check. There are no fees associated with a check but it takes longer to get into our account and get your project started. If a check is returned then we will add a fee of $30.
  2. Deposit $360.75 via PayPal or Credit Card to cover the PayPal fees. The net amount that we get from PayPal is credited to your account & we will draw from that as we spend time on your projects.

$350.00 (10 x $35)
$   10.75 PayPal fees (2.9% + .30)

Note that Sales Tax will be added as required by law. 

Buy Block Hours

You can  buy block hours (Add to Cart Drop Down) or use the calculator Buy Now Button on the block hours page.


PayPal Add to Cart PayPal Calculator



Example Using the Calculator & Buy Now:

Let’s assume we want to deposit $360.75 in our account so we will have enough for 10 hours of web work. That will cover the PayPal fees.

Login to PayPal

Please enter the item price you calculated & click update. You can use a credit card if you prefer.

 The Buy Now Button does not fill in the item price so enter the amount you calculated. Click update & login to PayPal. 



Here’s a example of how your money might be spent if you started with a net deposit of $373.10.

In this example, the .61 hours of web work on 5-31 was taxed but the rest of the work was not. The rest was not since maintaining network services is not taxable.

DateServices and Time:DescriptionCreditHoursRateNetBalance
w/o Tax
19-Maynew block$373.10$373.10$373.10
20-Maynew SSL for mail, check Outlook on PCs      1.50$35.00($52.50)$320.60
21-MayInvestigate SPAM      0.50$35.00($17.50)$303.10
24-MaySEO – Google+      0.08$35.00($2.80)$300.30
28-Mayupdate – blog, SPAM, backups      0.42$35.00($14.60)$285.70
29-MaySEO tactics – Buffer, social media      1.17$35.00($40.85)$244.86
31-MayUpdate  logo on-site0.67$35.00($23.35)$221.51
31-Maystatus – emails0.08$35.00($2.91)$218.61
 Sales Tax $ (1.54)
 Grand Total$217.07

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